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1 Mad on Wed 24 Mar - 13:52

Hi guys,
Here my presentation
Hello buddies,

-In Teeworlds-

My name is Mad. My clan is DragonArmy since last summer. I play on many gametypes like iCTF, Vanilla, Zomb, DDRace and Ball. I am often on Huh for play my with mates and my friends.
My goal is to become more experienced days after days. Teamplay is very important for me, i like cover my teammate but I am an attacker so i prefer infiltrate enemy clan.

-In real life-

I have two names (a composed first name)... You can call me Vittorio. I am twenty years and i am french (french guys rox )
I live near Paris (60 km) the most beautiful city in the world!!
I am student (2nd year) in Electrical Engineering (for the french B.T.S. Electrotechnique). I am very lazy except before the exams...
I LOVE listening TRANCE (uplifting, vocal, dream, psy, goa) music...
I hope you like my presentation
Take care

Have fun

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2 Re: Mad on Mon 29 Mar - 18:42

Yipaa, Mad here !

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3 Re: Mad on Mon 29 Mar - 18:43

Sure, i wanna support my lovely Ender(ouné)!!

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4 Re: Mad on Wed 31 Mar - 16:34

Nice for the planet , you recycled your old topic Razz .

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5 Re: Mad on Wed 31 Mar - 16:36

I am sure that you know me since a long time!

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6 Re: Mad on Wed 31 Mar - 16:45

Who are you ? Suspect

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7 Re: Mad on Wed 31 Mar - 16:49

Hahaha. I created a presentation JUST FOR YOU!!

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8 Re: Mad on Wed 31 Mar - 16:52

It is with people like you that the planet is destroyed !

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9 Re: Mad on Wed 31 Mar - 16:53

No, you're wrong!! I am an ecologist!

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10 Re: Mad on Wed 31 Mar - 16:56

Liar , take a look on your tee. He is using sunglasses and microphone albino .

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11 Re: Mad on Wed 31 Mar - 16:57


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12 Re: Mad on Thu 1 Apr - 1:39

ahaha Very Happy

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