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TTT-vanilla League Rules (eng)

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1 TTT-vanilla League Rules (eng) on Sun 28 Mar - 18:42

Team Tee Tower Vanilla League

Team Tee Tower League exists for vanilla CTF teams (but all teams are accepted). There will be a ranking for each map. Everyone knows that : This is not all to be the best team on a single map. It must be good for several to really worth something. Show us here what you can do.
Here are the maps played:
CTF-1 (2on2 or more ; score limit 600 or more)
CTF-2 (4on4 or more ; score limit 600 or more)
CTF-3 (3on3 or more ; scire limit 600 or more)
CTF-4 (3on3 or more ; score limit 600 or more)
CTF-5 (5on5 or more ; score limit 600 or more)
CTF_lava (4on4 or more ; score limit 600 or more)

How to join the TTT League:
Just a representative of your team fill out the form below. Then he post it in the space provided for that purpose. (Here.)

The tower is composed of several floors. Each floor consists in three players.

* When you win a game against a team from a higher floor, you gain as much position as the difference between you and the other team floor.
* If you win against a team of lower level, you keep your place.
* When you lose a game against a team of lower level, you lose as much position as half the difference between your floor and the other team floor (rounded up).
* When you lose a game against a team of upper level you lose a position.

The rankings will be updated every week (with exceptions) on Sunday evening.


If 8 wins against 2 : there are two floors of difference, the team 8 wins 2 positions and becomes 6, while teams 6 and 7 are renumbered 7 and 8. The team 2 lost 2 floors divided by 2, what makes one place down. 2 takes place 3 and 3 becomes 2.

Conditions to stay in the league:
If you want to keep your rank, you must play at least once every 14 days. If not, you will lose a position. After a whole month without playing, the team will no longer be part of the league.

Organization of games:
All teams organize their own games. They occur where and when the teams have agreed. Eache team have to make a screenshot like that :
member of team a: TTT <map>
member of team b: TTT <map>
Then the match begin. At the end both have to screenshot the game result and winner send it on this board

The rules can change, you will be kept informed.

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2 Re: TTT-vanilla League Rules (eng) on Wed 7 Apr - 15:59

Update (06/04/2010) (the changes are written in green)

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Update (04/07/2011) :
-no time limit
-minimum format

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