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1 Ctf_nephtys on Sat 3 Apr - 16:49

Hi guys,
I know a map, it's called ctf_nephtys. You can see it on my server (password is:test11)
This map is only for instagib but that's very fun and interesting.
You can see a screenshot here:

My question is: Can we add this map in your league?

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2 Re: Ctf_nephtys on Sat 3 Apr - 19:30

as for me, i dont see any problem on it. wait for ender's answer

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3 Re: Ctf_nephtys on Sat 3 Apr - 19:51

Visit my serv now! You will see it.

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4 Re: Ctf_nephtys on Sat 3 Apr - 20:18

i dont know how to find your server :>

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5 Re: Ctf_nephtys on Sat 3 Apr - 20:33

Just search DnA-Mad you will have an answer Smile

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6 Re: Ctf_nephtys on Sat 10 Apr - 17:13

This map is an old version of ctf_anubis. It was just a beta , never release Smile .

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7 Re: Ctf_nephtys on Sat 10 Apr - 20:21

ah this one, I've already played it, with all due respect its not one of my favourite maps, but I'm not familiar enough to suggest improvements.
Imo there are enough maps to play, so we don't need to add it to the available maps that are played.

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8 Re: Ctf_nephtys on Sun 11 Apr - 19:15

Sure this isn't one perfect map :> .It was my first ctf map (done with Lord). Even me I think movements are ugly and the map is too big.

Ctf_Anubis has approximatly same ideas but The gameplay is better.

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