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some questions

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1 some questions on Mon 5 Apr - 19:23

1. Good Idea! Even if this league wont work its important for the community that there are still ppl who arrange sites like this one because anytime there will be a league for teeworlds that works. (hopefully it will be this one Very Happy )

2. I think it's better in general to specialize this site in ONE gametype. So insta or vanilla...just my oppinion because it could get a bit chaotic if here arent enoguh admins to control everything.

3. I think one match per week is too much. It will be really hard to organize at least one match per week.

4. Maps: Where's ctf4_new? Imo ctf4_new is much better than mars, test11, etc and its really fun to play funwars on it.

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2 Re: some questions on Mon 5 Apr - 20:09

thank you Smile

I don't mind since i never play vanilla. but who cares if theres still a vanilla-section? what i wanted to say: wheres the problem? its not on you to control everything.

Ender and me thought about at least 1 match per 14 days.

as for me, im ok with it. i dont see any problems to add as much maps as possible.

wait for Ender's answers Wink

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3 Re: some questions on Mon 5 Apr - 23:12

+1 Smile

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4 Re: some questions on Tue 6 Apr - 16:53

Hmm i dont think soo..

In my opinion, it is very easy to arrange a match, because you can see how easy a funwar is..

As example you can ask all of us for a match and when there is enough time we will play every match.. So when there enough player (most are only 2on2) there can take place a match without organizing a week before..

maybe you can add this to the rules:
All member who have been registred must be able to play, so that no one can say that wasnt the best players so we lost..
because then the matches can be organized quickly.

I hope you understand what i mean.. I have some problems to describe ist ^^

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5 Re: some questions on Tue 6 Apr - 17:04

Yep i understand. And sure, no one can say "it's cause of team B, with A team we powned you".

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