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Polldiscussion: Format ?

Certain Format for each map or not?

33% 33% [ 3 ]
67% 67% [ 6 ]
Total Votes : 9

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1 Polldiscussion: Format ? on Tue 6 Apr - 20:55

Nightmist told me today, that he would like to have more formats for some maps. that means: ctf2 4on4, ctf4 3on3 and so on.
I told him that this would be too much / too hard to organize for the teams if they still had to play different formats on the registered maps.
so i had a new thought:
why is there a format-rule in general?
wouldnt it be better if a team only registers for a map, but without a certain format?
this way the teams can chose a format they like from game to game (if its 2on2 or higher).
what do you think?
discuss and vote! Wink

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2 Re: Polldiscussion: Format ? on Wed 7 Apr - 19:47

As rndm forced me to post something I'll do so now Smile

The thing I wanted to say is, there are for sure certain formats prefered by some players, maybe it's just me but I think binding them to certain maps will keep some people from participating.
As I and I hope many other people too, really enjoy playing a 3on3 ctf4 f.e., I don't see the point why such a game shouldn't be able to be rated for the TTT.

Don't get me wrong, I like your idea and I like the Tournament, but I dislike the idea of only playing 2on2's on ctf4 and only playing 3on3 on ctf2, you get the point I guess.

Feel free to correct me in any point Smile

yours, Nightmist

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3 Re: Polldiscussion: Format ? on Wed 7 Apr - 20:06

what about changing the meaning of 2on2?
so if theres written ctf4 2on2,
its meant that you have to play AT LEAST a 2on2, but you can chose higher formats, too.
same for ctf2 3on3. at least 3on3 but highter formats will be accepted, too.
Is it a good idea?

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4 Re: Polldiscussion: Format ? on Wed 7 Apr - 20:08

It is not just a good, it's a great idea Very Happy

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5 Re: Polldiscussion: Format ? on Wed 7 Apr - 20:10

I agree, maybe put a maximum "format" too ? ctf4 (or ctf1 Shocked) in 6v6 would be a bit uncomfortable...

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6 Re: Polldiscussion: Format ? on Wed 7 Apr - 20:20

think this is useless, since noone have to play it if he doesnt like to or think its uncomfortable ^^
but if there are 12 folks who want to, why not...

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7 Re: Polldiscussion: Format ? on Wed 7 Apr - 21:04

Smile ok ok

Good luck to organize all that tournament, it begins to get some fame Wink

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8 Re: Polldiscussion: Format ? on Thu 8 Apr - 11:37

so we should update the poll, cause now we got a new idea.

Ender's opinion should be enough to change the rules Wink

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9 Re: Polldiscussion: Format ? on Thu 8 Apr - 16:02

Whats with the time limit? 15 minutes?

well you can win in that time.. but some matches goes up to half a hour and when it makes fun the time limit will end the game..

My opinion: delete the time limit ?!?

maybe you think different?

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10 Re: Polldiscussion: Format ? on Thu 8 Apr - 16:17

lol never registered.. that theres a timelimit.
ye im for deleting the time limit, too.

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11 Re: Polldiscussion: Format ? on Sat 10 Apr - 2:41

For this poll I think it's not a good idea. But for the new suggestion : can play higher format, it sound great!

Maybe creat another poll for that.

About timelimit, maybe can we choose : 15minutes minimum and no max ? Teams choose before the match ?

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12 Re: Polldiscussion: Format ? on Sat 10 Apr - 12:18

I'd suggest to change the rules to a minimum format.
if someone is totally against this, he (or she) should post it right here!

@ timelimit.
hmm minimum timelimit? and what if a team pwns another 1000:0 in 10 minuts?

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13 Re: Polldiscussion: Format ? on Sat 10 Apr - 12:54

If he pwns another in 10min match is off. But a match can't be off at 10 min if no ones have 1000points. Minimum = 15 but can more.

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14 Re: Polldiscussion: Format ? on Sat 10 Apr - 13:38

are you sure?

But then the team who has more than the other, can easily say at 15 minutes that the game will stop and they win and when you set the timelimit at the beginning i think no team would set a timelimit because they want to play to the end.


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15 Re: Polldiscussion: Format ? on Sat 10 Apr - 14:27

no i think there are just two possibilities. a solit timelimit written in the rules, or no timelimit at all.

I'd simply delete the whole timelimit thing. and make the ttt games a little bit more like funwars.
cause in the end thats all about it: fun.

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16 Re: Polldiscussion: Format ? on Sat 10 Apr - 20:32

hm I voted no, but thats actually not what I meant. (didn't understand the poll completely)
Just keep the format, if there are good suggestions, change them at the board, or don't change them.
to win at a map like ctf4 with 4 opponents is more difficoult than with 2 opponents, it distorts the ranking, not in points, but someone could say his team is better because of winning in another format.

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17 Re: Polldiscussion: Format ? on Sat 10 Apr - 20:37

i think the format rule is good its better with it ^.^

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