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Whats wrong?

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1 Whats wrong? on Wed 26 May - 23:21

Where is Ender Where is rndm where is the TTT ?!?

We need someone who give the league new life!!
All registred members musst work together and i think we need a new team for the league.

We need someone who wants to spent some time for the league and for the scoretable

Maybe we can nominate and choose someone who lead the TTT.

Or you see it different?

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2 Re: Whats wrong? on Mon 4 Jul - 6:14

Thank a lot Bambocha! Was great to see that post when I come-back.

No onces continu TTT without us and that's crap...

Maybe can we make it alive now ? Smile Need you!

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3 Re: Whats wrong? on Mon 4 Jul - 19:25

Hmm I posted this last Year and i stop playing teeworlds for more than a half Year.. So i was surprised when i saw the Email that someone answered on this post..

If you want i could find some time to help you and maybe for playing too.

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4 Re: Whats wrong? on Mon 4 Jul - 20:35

Hello Bambocha!

It seems you don't receive the "mass-mail" I've send to all registrated :

Hello guys!

It's Ender and i'm still alive!

Well I've stop teeworlds for a year but i'm back since 3 months or something like that! And I'm just fall on this board... You can't imagine how i feel when i'm looking it!

And i really want to say "TTT isn't dead! it's alive! alive!!" but i need help! Your help!

Need help to think about the rules, to improve it. I need you! I need a staff with time and balls! It's not an easy works. It will spend lot of my time! To decrease the time prise, we need a lot of player in the staff. And I mean 8 or 10 people!

That's why I contact you!

TTT need you! Espacially if you can talk and write german or russian and english sure!

Anyway, if you're interested, come back on this board "" and say it Smile

Yours sincerely,


If you want help us, we can only thank you and accept your help!

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