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1 Jordane on Wed 31 Mar - 16:33

Hi dudes,

I guess you know me(Remember right : your worse nightmare :p). Stop joking , I'm just Jordane former instaplayer ( As |ZPote| Jo ) but I'm playing vanilla since fews months and I recently joined a vanilla clan : Inglourious Basterds (Visit us : ^^ ) because ZPote is kind of dead .

About me , I'm 17 years old and I lived in France (ftw).I'm playing teeworlds around 2 years (Mainly instagib but since 6 months only vanilla except some matchs on huh and 2-3 clanwars).Btw , try to found my firstname ( very hard question ! )

I hope we will register at this league to kick some ass ( especially Mad and Titi's ones Razz )

Enough blabla say me welcome Suspect .
See you soon

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2 Re: Jordane on Wed 31 Mar - 16:39

Hi Jo, ye I remember you Razz

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3 Re: Jordane on Wed 31 Mar - 16:44

Hey Jo
I remember your Godlike on HuH. Sure you will kick asses but not mine.
Good to see vanilla clans here and talk about this league on your servers.

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