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1 Fastcaps on Sat 10 Apr - 14:34

Heyho here we go with the standart-forum-topic.
what are your best times in ctf maps from flagpoint to flagpoint?

I think the best of all in ctf2 is 8.97, made by xake.
my personal best time is 9.23.
and on this video you see us both running against each other:

these are two vids made to one.
we take the flags exactly at the same timme (frame on frame).

maybe comment and rate the vid ^^

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2 Re: Fastcaps on Sat 10 Apr - 20:15

I made that fast cap to prove the possibillity of capturing under 9 on ctf2.
As a matter of fact I'll never be able to do this in a game with opponents.
So don't count it as particular ability, it's just pure training.
Howsoever my fastest cap at ctf4 is 6.40 and at ctf4_new 6.78.
As far as I remember my best time at lost is 4.53, forgot about ctf5.
Everything without laserjumps/rockets etc.

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3 Re: Fastcaps on Mon 12 Apr - 13:55

made a 5.17 in test11 some minutes ago

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4 Re: Fastcaps on Tue 20 Apr - 16:19

Without Rocket/Laserjumps:
ctf4: 6,72
ctf2: 9.77
lost: 4.60

With Rocket/Laserjumps:
Lost: 2.70 (no Demo)
ctf5: 3.80

I'm not so fast, but in Wars I'm a good flagrunner.

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5 Re: Fastcaps on Tue 20 Apr - 17:49

It would be more credible if you upload some demos.

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6 Re: Fastcaps on Tue 20 Apr - 18:54

i made a vid ^^

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7 Re: Fastcaps on Wed 21 Apr - 16:32

xake ctf2 8.97 - download
as the demo is named, the 8.97-fast cap is at the end of the demo. (20,28-20,41)

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8 Re: Fastcaps on Sat 24 Apr - 0:41

on ctf2 i have smth about 10.30
lost - 4.69
i dont know who need captures on server where you are alone=)))

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9 Re: Fastcaps on Fri 7 May - 16:51

test 11: 5.05

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10 Re: Fastcaps on Fri 7 May - 20:00

damn test11 5.07

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